The function keys on the keyboard are from f1 to f12 and in most cases control settings that are on or off.

f1HelpCalls the help center. If it is pressed during a command (line, offset ...) it shows help related to it.
f2Expanded historyDisplays an extended command history in the command window.
f3Object snapTurns on and off sticking to objects.
f43D object snapEnables and disables sticking to 3D objects.
IsoplaneSwitches between different settings when drawing isometric objects in a 2D drawing
f6Dynamic UCSEnables and disables the automatic alignment of the User Coordinate System (UCS) with planar surfaces.
f7Grid displayShows and hides the grid.
f8OrthoLocks the cursor movement only horizontally and vertically.
f9Grid snapRestricts cursor movement to predefined intervals only.
f10Polar trackingDirects the cursor at preset angles.
f11Object snap trackingMoves the cursor horizontally or vertically from the point of attachment to an object.
f12Dynamic inputDisplays distances and angles near the cursor and accepts input parameters, use Tab between fields.

"F2" key - Advanced history

The first click shows the extended history. A second press hides it.

Разширена история

"F3" key - Attach to an object

You can find out the sticking status by the icon at the bottom right of the window and by the green shapes that appear.

Прилепване към обект

"F7" key - Shows and hides the grid.

Pressing "f7" repeatedly shows and hides the grid.


"F8" key - Ortho

When you turn on the function, the elements you draw will always move horizontally or vertically. Except when in the stick zone if "f3" is on.


"F9" key - Attach to a grid

Pressing "f9" repeatedly turns the function on and off.

Прилепяне към мрежа

From "Snap Settings" the step through which the cursor will jump is set.

Настройки за прилепяне

You can choose from two options:
- Grid Snap will always start and finish drawing through the specified step.
- Polar Snap the set step will be executed only when you draw horizontally and vertically. Allows free selection of angle and distance if it is not close to the horizontal and vertical.

"F10" key - Polar tracking

Pressing "f10" repeatedly turns the function on and off. The function works after starting a new command and selecting a base point.

Полярно проследяване

You can use any of the predefined degrees. Or create your own using "Tracking Settings".

Настройки полярно проследяване

"F11" key - Object snap tracking

Pressing "f11" repeatedly turns the function on and off.

Обектно проследяване

"F12" key - Dynamic input

Pressing "f12" repeatedly turns the function on and off. By default, there is no icon to indicate the status of this feature. You can tell if it is turned on by the fact that when you start entering a command, it starts to appear below the cursor. Or display a status icon by clicking Customization manu-> Dynamic input in the lower right corner.

Динамично въвеждане


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